CCNA NAT Simulation

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Simulado NAT que cai na prova CCNA R&S.


Password: cisco

Step 1: Change the hostname to Weaver

Router#configure terminal
Router(config)#hostname Weaver


Step 2: Configure NAT

1. Specify the private IP address using Access Control List (ACL) statement

First we need to find the Network address of the hosts.

Note: The inside local addresses have been assigned from to
Subnet Mask of /28 = 11111111 . 11111111 . 11111111 . 11110000 =
For network address, the network bits of the IP address remain same but the host bits turned to 0′s
The last octet of  first local IP address is 17, and binary of 17 = 00010001
Network Address = =

Second, we need to find the wildcard mask of /28

Note: The wildcard mask is the inverse of the subnet mask. Network bits are 0′s and Host bits are 1′s.
Subnet Mask = 11111111 . 11111111 . 11111111 . 11110000
Wildcard Mask = 00000000 . 00000000 . 00000000 . 00001111 =

Weaver(config)#access-list 1 permit

2. Specify the public IP address ( –

Subnet Mask of /29 = 11111111 . 11111111 . 11111111 . 11111000 =

Weaver(config)#ip nat pool mynat netmask

3. Link private IP address list and public IP address list

From above 2 command, the ACL number is 1 and NAT pool name is mynat

Weaver(config)#ip nat inside source list 1 pool mynat overload


Step 3: Save the configuration

Weaver#copy run start
Destination filename [startup-config]? [ENTER]


Step 4: Test the NAT configuration

The IP address of ISP is, if the test connectivity of ISP IP address success then the above NAT configuration is working properly.

Click Show Topology button, then click on the icon “Host for Testing”. In the command prompt of PC, execute command ping


Bons estudos e até o próximo post.


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